WIND Networking for Today’s Professional


Tuesday November 14

Facilitator: Gail Birger


Church of the Good Shepherd
9 Russell Ave

Meeting Agenda

9:30 am:   Sign-in, informal networking
9:45 am:   Good News, New Member Intros, Needs, Leads
10:45 am:   Networking
11:00 am:   PRESENTATION
11:45 am:   Meeting ends


"Body Language at Work"

Professor Albert Mehrabian, a pioneer researcher of body language, discovered that certain nonverbal cues contributed to the mood of a conversation and to the impact of a message. More specifically he found that the total impact of a message is 55 percent visual and nonverbal, that is, body language, 38 percent is vocal, meaning tone of voice, inflection, and other sounds, and 7 percent verbal, that is, words only. Thus, the majority of our communication is done nonverbally. How good are you at reading people’s body language? If you noticed someone at a meeting with their arms folded across their chest, would you know what they were signaling? In this presentation I’ll talk about some of the most common gestures you’ll see at work and what they mean. Come join us at our WIND EAST meeting on Tuesday, Nov.14, 2017, and find out what kind of body language draws people to you and what kind pushes people away.



Cost to Attend

No advance registration required

New members: $20 [ includes one-time $10 registration fee ]
Returning members: $10

Coffee and refreshments