WIND Networking for Today’s Professional


Wednesday June 21

Facilitator: Fred Nothnagel


Wilmington Methodist Church
87 Church Street (a.k.a. Rt. 62)
Wilmington, MA

Meeting Agenda

NOTE: From June-August WIND North will meet in Room 2-4, upstairs

9:00 am:  Doors open for unstructured networking

9:15 am:   New Members Orientation (Bring a friend! Share the wealth! Expand the networking!)
10:00 am:  General Meeting, featuring Roundtable Networking, WIND announcements, program of the day, business news and upcoming professional events, Needs and Leads
12:15 pm:  Adjourn

Post-meeting: Time for more networking and perusing WIND’s print resources

Questions about WIND or your job search?

Fred Nothnagel
Executive Director, WIND
Independent Career Coach/Consultant


"Deciphering Job Descriptions"

A very frequent complaint among job-seeking professionals is that job descriptions often bear little resemblance to the role described by interviewers.   This can be due to any of several causes:

  • they’re out of date
  • they’re either very brief or contain every possible requirement HR and management could think of
  • there’s no indication of the most and least important requirements
  • the amount of experience they call for doesn’t match the stated  responsibilities
  • there’s an apparent mismatch between Responsibilities and Requirements
At WIND North on the 21st Fred Nothnagel will present and lead a discussion of these confusing and dangerous shortcomings, and will provide ways to clear away the fog and avoid making bad moves.
You’ll leave with
  • A deeper understanding of the most common “code words” employers use
  • Ways of identifying the most important requirements among a laundry list
  • How to use networking and published sources to make well-educated guesses as  to the employer’s most urgent needs
  • Rules of thumb to help you decide whether or not to apply
Come to WIND North on Wednesday the 21st and learn to avoid
  • applying for jobs you don’t fit
  • sending resumes that miss the mark
  • being blindsided at an interview



Fred Nothnagel

Cost to Attend

No advance registration required

New members: $20 [ includes one-time $10 registration fee ]
Returning members: $10

Coffee and refreshments