WIND Networking for Today’s Professional


Thursday October 19

Facilitator: Larry Elle


Trinity Episcopal Church
1 Blue Hill River Road

Meeting Agenda

WIND South meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month

9:15 am:  New members Registration
9:30 am:  Unstructured Open Networking

9:45 am: Introductions/Needs & Leads
10:00 am: Round Table Support Groups

11:00 am: Presentation
12:00 am:  Meeting adjourn


Finding and Keeping Your Motivation During Your Job Search

Staying motivated during a job search is one of the biggest challenges facing job seekers. Yes, many of us come out of the starting gate full of enthusiasm but that energy can quickly dissipate after a few rejections, or worse, no employer response whatsoever. Also, many of us leave our last job wounded, hurt by the layoff, or firing, or as not being seen as productive enough to be kept on. In this instance motivation is buried under the debris of self-blame and guilt. Add to this mixture age and gender discrimination, and suddenly we feel like the job search is like climbing Mount Everest during a blizzard.

Today’s presentation will help you connect with your own motivation core and together find ways to maintain and build on it. You’ll leave with a sense tha “I can handle it” and have some new ways to keep yourself motivated.

Also: Today’s meeting Fred Nothnagel will visit from WIND North to introduce WIND South’s new facilitator, a man well versed in the art and science of helping people succeed in the job search.

Cost to Attend

No advance registration required

New members: $20 [ includes one-time $10 registration fee ]
Returning members: $10

Coffee and refreshments