WIND Networking for Today’s Professional


Thursday December 21

Facilitator: Tad Mayer


Trinity Episcopal Church
1 Blue Hill River Road

Meeting Agenda

WIND/South meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month


8:45 am:  New Member Registration
9:00 am:  Unstructured Open Networking

9:15 am:  Introductions
10:00 am:  Needs & Leads

10:30 am:  Networking

11:00 am:  Presentation
12:00 am:  Meeting adjourn


Power Networking: Tapping the "hidden job" market (Part 2)

In Part 1, the stage was set with an introduction to Power Networking. In Part 2, Eric Ross will get into into the specific details of how to do it. If you missed Part 1, you’ll have no trouble jumping right into Part 2.

Power Networking is a relationship-referral process to build your professional network. Most professional and executive jobs are found through networking; indeed, most professional jobs are never advertised and can only be accessed directly in the “hidden job” market. Further, networking becomes truly essential for those executives who have been unemployed for more than five months, or who have multiple gaps, only one long job, or other resume challenges, as many companies immediately screen out such applicants. This presentation will give attendees all the tools necessary to develop extensive networks that access the hidden job market and that will pay continuing dividends throughout one’s career.

Attendees will learn a comprehensive step-by-step process that starts with people they already know and generates a continuing source of new and valued professional contacts. Through networking, many of these contacts become “helpers” in the job search and often become lifelong professional or personal friends. Networking in a job search is truly relationship marketing of oneself in his/her target market. The presentation will give all attendees a thorough overview of the total person-to-person networking process.

Key Benefits of Attending

Attendees will:

  • Gain an understanding of the true purpose and value of networking
  • Become exposed to key tools to be used in the process
  • Learn how to start the “power” networking practice
  • Understand how to effectively leverage existing contacts
  • Learn key things never to do when networking
  • Understand the different kinds of potential contacts
  • Learn effective ways to outreach to networking referrals
  • Learn ways to truly differentiate oneself
  • Understand how to conduct a meeting with a networking contact
  • Learn how to optimize the results of a networking meeting
  • Understand how power networking can continue to generate new contacts


Eric Ross is often acknowledged as New England’s master networker. Eric is an accomplished senior business executive who has successfully walked-the-walk of job transition, through networking. He has held a number of senior operations and general management positions in the manufacturing, renewable energy, and service industries. As a commissioned officer, he also served in leadership roles in U.S.A.F. manufacturing, industrial management, and logistics operations. His presentations on networking have been given at outplacement firms, to numerous networking groups, and to professional associations and alumni groups (such as the Harvard Business School Boston Association, Tufts Alumni Association, and the Career Services group of the Boston Chapter of Financial Executives International), all with rave reviews. Eric landed his most recent position, Chief Operating Officer of New England Renewable Energy Systems, in Holbrook, MA, through the networking approach and methods explained in his Power Networking presentation.

Cost to Attend

No advance registration required

New members: $20 [ includes one-time $10 registration fee ]
Returning members: $10

Coffee and refreshments