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Workshop: CAREER CHANGE Coaching Group

The best time to start a job search is while you still have a job.
The second best time is today…

Join us for CAREER CHANGE Coaching Group


  • You’ve been considering a new career
  • You want to change the direction of your career
  • You are underemployed
  • You think you can’t afford to follow your passion
  • You want to learn how to find jobs on social media
  • You want to find a job faster

In this class, I will guide you through the time-tested, six-step job search process with a l4-year track record of success that I have used to lead hundreds of job seekers to jobs and careers they love.

Whether you’re feeling uninspired by your current job, or long to follow your passion but think you can’t afford to make the change (or don’t know where to start), I’ll show you an approach to identify your transferrable skills and drastically reduce the search time normally involved in switching jobs or careers.

Did you know that every $10,000 you make equals one month in a job search. And if you’re switching careers, that can double. It’s best to start that process before it’s an emergency.

We meet virtually for six consecutive weeks. This program includes:

  • A weekly 75-minute group call
  • Career Strategy Worksheets
  • New ways to research jobs
  • The best way to reframe your resume
  • Career Change Cover Letters
  • Discover hidden opportunities in your existing network

By the end of this program you will have a step-by-step game plan and an actionable strategy to achieve your career goals and land the right position in half the time.