WIND Networking for Today’s Professional

WIND for Talent

Throughout WIND’s history employers and agency recruiters have recognized WIND as a source of highly skilled professional talent ready to put to use in their organizations and for their clients.

WIND members:

  • improve their communication skills and resourcefulness
  • learn to analyze business and professional news for opportunities for employers as well as for themselves
  • are made aware of opportunities to upgrade and keep their job-specific skills sharp, and are strongly encouraged to take advantage of them

WIND’s large pool of experienced and skilled professionals typically include such members as:

  • a former AVP of a large, international insurance company
  • a former VP who recently migrated a key division of a worldwide professional services firm into cloud computing
  • a doctorate-level expert and former executive in health education and preventative medicine
  • a recent IT Product Director for a worldwide investment firm
  • a marketing manager for the leading food brand in its niche
  • a former inventory planner for a developer of automated material handling systems
  • an Embedded Software Engineer whose breakthroughs at an instrumentation firm greatly improved quality and productivity

Benefits of Turning to WIND for Talent

  • WIND‘s members are experienced professionals. More than 90% are degreed, many have advanced degrees. No “wannabes.”
  • WIND attendees understand the value of networking, building both internal and external relationships. The more often they attend, the more skilled they become at doing so.
  • Be as discreet as you wish to be. There’s no requirement to reveal your company to WIND leaders or to its membership, and very little chance that a competitor will learn of a confidential opening. You get the value of a free, targeted blind posting.
  • This service offers complete confidentiality. Other recruiters and HR subscribers can’t “poach” your openings. They can only post, not read messages.
  • In addition, employers can always refer former employees to WIND, thereby offering them a powerful supplement to other job search assistance already in place. Agency recruiters refer candidates to WIND for a “tune-up” of their communications skills.

Outplacement Services

Fred Nothnagel offers employers customized outplacement programs to serve their transitioned staff. He has personally assisted hundreds of individuals in transition to find career-enhancing re-employment.

Employers may choose from a menu of services, depending on their needs and budgets. They typically purchase from as few as two hours to 15-20 hours of personalized outplacement services [at very competitive rates]. Costs vary depending upon hours and types of service provided and are negotiated directly between the company and the provider. These costs are inclusive of all materials, books, assessments and resume development, and all include WIND membership.