WIND Networking for Today’s Professional

WIND Meetings Overview

WIND meeting agendas vary from meeting to meeting and week to week, but will always include networking time and a program topic with a speaker. In addition, there may be small group exercises and mini-workshops. WIND meetings are held regularly in three locations and you are welcome to attend any meeting on any given week. WIND also offers members several unique resources that help them connect with company contacts, other WIND members and vetted agency recruiters.

Meeting Presentation

The highlight of every WIND meeting is the PRESENTATION, often presented by a guest speaker. On our homepage, we announce the Programs for each of the upcoming meetings. In the past, we have had career coaches, agency recruiters, motivational speakers, public speaking coaches, employment lawyers and HR professionals among others share their tips and expertise with our members, and we continue to attract powerful, energetic and highly informed professionals in those areas to our meetings.


Newcomers should plan to arrive no later than 15 minutes after the time listed above. There’s no need to register in advance. Come, sign in and join our orientation session.

As always, first impressions are lasting impressions. We recommend business attire and business cards, though they are not required. New members are offered the opportunity to introduce themselves, focusing on their skills, career goals, and target companies. This not only is excellent practice, but it can generate contacts and key information, since facilitators elicit feedback from the other attendees. In addition, there is time at every meeting for informal networking and a specific segment where anyone can ask the entire group for information or contacts.

Those who receive outplacement or other job search assistance often attend WIND meetings. WIND is a well-recognized complement to any job search training you may already be receiving, by providing a forum in which to network and to hone your job search skills.


In addition to meeting programs and networking, WIND offers its members:

The WIND Resource List, a directory of WIND members now or recently employed in professional capacities
An e-mail listservice of nearly 1800 subscribers, most of whom are either employed WIND members or agency or HR recruiters. Recruiters post openings they need to fill. Employed WINDers often post openings in their organizations, before they are publicly announced.

Direct access to professional Career Consultants and Coaches at every meeting. Each WIND facilitator is a highly experienced professional in that field.

The quality of both its resources and its members has earned WIND its reputation as a premier employment networking group in New England. WIND is widely respected by corporations, agency recruiters, career consultants and outplacement firms alike, who frequently volunteer their time to speak at WIND meetings about the job search, and who regularly refer professionals to WIND.


The cost of membership is a one-time $10 registration fee, plus $10 per meeting attended.